Friday, March 26, 2010

what i discover this week....

~thank you :)

1. to wake up at at least 6:30 am, would give
me a very pleasant and beautiful morning,
just by myself...30-60 minutes of quietness
and me...

2. that we can actually leave my mom-in-law
for up to 3 hours, on her nap time,
if i/we needed to go outside and that is
between 12-3 or..1-4 pm....or 2-5pm.

just making sure she got her cellphone,
water/drinks and other "important" stuff by her side..

3. over-trying, is not really necessary.
going with the flow is much easier
than trying too much and too hard.
its much lighter in my soul as well.

4. making some plans and schedules
is so much easier than just
"do whatever" in everyday....
now, i get excited to start my day.
and be prepared for some unexpected
distraction.....that's life!

5. I can still cook and eat what I want
but NOT when i want, a little bit of planning
is really necessary now. Especially with meals
na mas masarap pag nakakamay...
yes, i still can't take a judging eyes ha hah.

6. that I can still enjoy watching Oprah,
whether she like or feel of watching it or not,
i just have to find a way in the morning,
or just stay up late at night.
though i always prefer to watch in the morning,
either way will work.

** i also have other option.
to request it to my friend Nel to record
it for me :) life is so delicious!

7. that i don't have to over-try to initiate a conversation
at all times, I am not a psychologist, as long as I let
her know that I can drop anything that I am doing for whatever
she wants to do or talk about. i think that's enough.
i am sincerely available for her whenever she needs me.
but i will not act anymore that as if I have to beg her all the
time to talk on whatever things that bothers her.
I've realize if a person is ready to talk,
she or he will talk...

i did try to talk to her in every possible way.(though)

it didn't work, like what my sister always says,
she still in an amazing state of mind, she's not that
forgetful,she can still walk, she has her hearing aid now,
that according to her even a drop of a pin she could probably hear,
she still in great strenght at 79 if she'll choose to be,
she has her fabulous daughter-in-law (i thought i badly needed
to mention that ha hah) to take care of EVERYTHING
she needed around the house
her son is here to take her whenever she needed to go
she still have her house
she has friends...

really, her life is so fabulous,
that even herself couldn't even think of an excuse
not to live in its fabulousness..

i gave all attention and everything she needs,
if she will not help her self, even me, trying my hardest
will just not going to work...

but always and always my main goal is,be there for her and
let her know that you I care sooooooo much!

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