Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

I have never been so interested with politics (yes, am not smart he he)
just because...
but last tuesday January 20th, is totally a whole different story, i was glued watching every coverage of the Inauguration Day of President Barack
Obama. And I already plan to spend my morning coz I was so dead seriously
excited about it :)

I maybe so emotional about all these because Jeff and I have been talking, discussing and planning about our future, and with the economy and the situation of every company,its just hard to make decisions, but then again, we stay Faithful to God, that He has control with everything, as we believe that President Barack Obama will definitely going to do it....

I was so moved by the event and by his speech. I mean. Every word.
The spirit of the event is just unbelievable.

And of course, my most favorite part of his speech:

"We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness."

His emotional connection with the people just simply magical.
Really, the light of the new age has begun.
Wherever you are at that very moment if you witness this kind of history you'll be optimistic about the possibilities.
I love the way that he also talks and listen to everyone's soul.

The support of everyone being there, and even me sitting in the comfort of my home feels the incredible history made that day :) again, A!mazing!

And in the evening,at Inaugural Ball I love the part when President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, did their first dance,(they actually did it 9 more times) I love how he compliments his wife looking so beautiful that night and the way they look at each other, even they weren't saying a word you can feel that they sending a message to each other that " I am here for you no matter what"...

so Beautiful. so Inspiring. A!mazing.

That event makes me feel that I want to be a better person and do better things with my life.

For the first time since i got here in United States , I feel that no matter what happen,
in this very moment i know I am in right place at the right time.

God bless America.



Monday, January 19, 2009

Today's Message Received


if things didn't happen the way you expected it to be,
don't forget that God is still in complete control.
DREAM a new dream.
His mercy is bigger than we could imagine.
God knows how to connect the dot to lead us
in our destination.
What we think is a set back could be a set-up for a comeback :) (woo-hoo!)
Be willing to get out from your comfort zone.
Its time to Arise.Shine.And Smile :)

Have a blessed day to all :)

~ Movie Day!~

SERENDIPITY ~ I am so in-love with this movie
“the fortunate accident”
I’ve seen this movie for the **th time :)
I know! I should have my own copy
by now, oh well… purchase (maybe).

MY BESTFRIEND'S GIRL - it was pretty good. So ok.

My precious Hibiscus....

~ jeff and i bought this lovely hibiscus plant
last summer, they don't usually survive on winter
but one of my friend told us try to put it inside
the house, we have two. I named them.
Heaven & Gratitude.
I was surprise that they actually doing great
and of course, pwera usog :)
though i kept forgetting to water them,
and they love,love water. Gratitude
greets me one morning with this....
take a look, and she was not shy when I took her picture.
i think she was just beautiful.i was so delighted.

5-Meat Stuffed Pizza

~If this is not a gigantic pizza I really dunno what it is.
Jeff and I usually can eat at least the ¾ of the pizza,
But this one…oh-oh! We both have a piece, and we totally
felt full! So yummy though, its just toooo meaty for me…
It was good! Pizza is just not my ultimate fave…
I like it when I feel it…that’s all :)

~another lazy day!~

~meaning another lean cuisine.
this time, i tried the-
Sesame stir fry with chicken.
and its not like there's only
a couple of chicken there..
there's really a 9 0r 10 bite size chicken!
i forgot to count (lol)
it was good ;)
Flor, you should give it a try.
you'll like it :)


~ i dunno, what's with our pinoy dish
it always take us time to cook
everything, but men oh men..
isn't it soooo worthy in the end...
well, by the time you chopped the garlic,
onions etc...
anywayz...this is just really simple,
just the pritong talong (eggplant)
dip in a soy sauce with lemon &
gazzilion chillies

i tried to make that tokwa't baboy
minus the tokwa, coz I couldn't find
it in our local grocery store.
well,the rice in the picture (and the ulam)
is only My first batch..ehem..ehem...
not to mention, the know what next!

sorry for the presentation,
not so pretty just b/c am so freakin'
starving by the time i'm done cooking LOL
so the hell with the plates and everything..
gusto ko na lang lumafang, but of course
picture picture muna...LOL

Thursday, January 15, 2009

McDonald's "First Love" -Huling El Bimbo

~i've just seen this in one of my fellow-blogger's blog
aileen apolo..thanks aileen :)
sooooooooo cute!

worth every bite...

~ sorry kat, but am sure you have tried this one already,
what not to love about ferrero..tell me?
i haven't tried the ferrero Rondnoir (dark choco)
have you?

Captain Porky'!

~ might not look so pretty and appetizing but i swear my life,
its freakin awesome!!!!
the top one with fries is jumbo (as in jumbo!) Shrimp
at the bottom is DEEP FRIED ALLIGATOR ( taste like chicken nuggets but
million times better even its cold) then conch salad...
then we just bought a box of oyster to cook @ home!
yup, seafood lovers here!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Beautiful Life by Fisher

~ i so love,love,love this song :)~

Sunday, January 11, 2009


~ my fave this week...

~Our Hands~

~ i just thought this is a pretty awesome picture
of ozzie and I's hands...

~Movie Day!~

Soccer Mom- i think it was pretty good.
The Hulk (2008) ~ I like it!

~ my lunch ~

~ this is my lunch if i'm in not-in-the-mood-2-cook-day!
not bad huh? ( i just added some fruits of course!)
Panini philly-style steak & cheese from Lean Cuisine,
its actually a figure-friendly meal :) i think :0

Saturday, January 10, 2009

another snow storm ~

~ok, 12"-13" of snow, it took me about 2 hours to shovel it,
that was yesterday (jan 9)... wake up at 8am today (jan 10)
look at the window while holding my cup of hot (as in!) coffee.
looks about 13"-14" of snow....i was at first questioning my self?
did i really shovel yesterday or was i just dreaming? LOL
nah, am just kidding, i don't normally watch the news but i always
make it a point to check the for info's...
but i mean...seriously....not-so-funny...ahh right?
this is one of those days that I just want to close my eyes
and thank God that I don't have to go to work every morning
and deal with this, (now I am just happy to shovel our drive way)
because just the thought of it,as stupid as
it sounds, scares the crap out of me!
and I am grateful to have a loving husband who always been
a good provider ...and all because God loves us.....
He is the source of everything....

i did my best to....

~ ok here's the thing, I am not good with assembling stuff..
and hate it. I don't understand why can't you just buy the
whole thing already assembled. at least in Pinas you can actually
get things already made, like the cabinet and stuff, just
load it in your car (taxi,jeepney,tricycle) and that's it.
anyway, thats way different from this one, i am just talkin'
about a desk organizer, LOL i know! sound stupid
and probably for a lot of smart people, it was a piece of cake
and oh well, ok, not that difficult than i thought, but still
took me almost an hour to made this.
but for some reason, I was happy that i finally did it.
yeah without beggin' or whining about this to jeff.
small biggie.yes.not all.yes.:)
but i'm proudie!bahaha..(excuse the tiny piece of hair huh?)lol

~ i was almost half way done when I took this pic..(boring..)

Friday, January 9, 2009

aND THe paRtY cOnTiNuEs.....(the three pinays)

January 08, 2009, Ninang Divina's Birthday~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE DIVINE!~

a special thanks to my hubby, I actually never
bake pineapple upside down cake before coz I thought
it was complicated to make, he taught me, and was not
hard at all. Thanks love, your the best!~ (back to party!)

~it turned out to be a really-fun day!
we did a lot of "catching-up" as we haven't
seen each other for a while, we have been really
busy with our own lives...
There was leny (the last pic) busy lighting all the candles.(some-some #'s)
and of course, we did the fun part, the singing part,bahahaha...
leny did good in singin' and heard her say (hey guys sing!)bahahaa..
oz is all up about the cake, and me busy capturing the moments
of course...yummy cake!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Lovely Sunday Afternoon with my son...

~ we were waiting for grammie's call,
we suppose to meet her for lunch
oh well, its been an hour we don't
know where she's at....
so i thought..let's take some
pic as we both kind of feelin' cute that day! (kapal!!!)
(sorry am not taking down my tree

Chicken Salad sandwich (without the lettuce) (or whatever it called)

~ yes, you might be thinking it look so dull
but i can tell you one thing,
the taste is really promising,
lots of promise :)
i don't have any lettuce to put in it
besides, my hubby doesn't like lettuce
except use it for there u go!
i'm not a sandwich person, but hell, I'll eat this one!:)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

HAPPINESS TEST...(what's your score?)

Satisfaction with Life Scale
Quiz developed by Ed Diener at the University of Illinois
(i got it from

How satisfied are you? To find out, read the following five statements.

Use the 1–7 scale to rate your level of agreement.

1 = Not at all true
4 = Moderately true
7 = Absolutely true

1. In most ways, my life is close to ideal.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

2. The conditions of my life are excellent.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

3. I am satisfied with my life.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

4. So far I have gotten the important things I want in life.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

5. If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

If you scored 15 or under, you are dissatisfied with your life. If you scored 31 or higher, you are extremely satisfied with your life.

If you scored somewhere in the middle, happiness expert Dr. Robert Holden has some advice on how to live a more satisfying life. Dr. Holden says the key to being happy is overcoming "destination addiction," which he defines as "living in the not-now."

"It's always about tomorrow, so you're chasing 'more,' 'next' and 'there,'" he says. "You promise yourself that when you get there, you'll be happy. And I promise you, you won't, because you'll always set another destination to go for."

Instead, Dr. Holden says if you are unhappy with your life or looking to improve your score, there are two things you can do. "We have to learn to let go of our past, we have to give up all hopes for a perfect past. Let the past go, it's gone." After that, he says, "Take a vow of kindness. Be kinder to yourself and to others.

"It's never too late to be happy," he says

movie day!

i know, seems like that's what i do,
watch movie, and blog~
but hey! i work hard at home too :)
i think its impt to have time
for your self, i do this kind
of things when i get the chance :)

my movie of the day is"
~ i think it was good but not super.
i won't add it to my collection though:)~

Friday, January 2, 2009

I am crazy about "Lipstick Jungle"...

~ i am totally insane about this show,
i actually just discovered it in their
2nd season, oh well, thats what the DVD for ryt?
but sadly, i think next friday will be the
super finale, i mean, it had a pretty low
rating, so they were just finishing the season,
episode or whatever, i am so sad but...
at least, i can get the DVD and still watch
it whenever i want...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY 2009!

the letter...i just want to share!


~ we both agreed not to buy anything for each other
on our anniversary..
but i always make a little somethin' for jeff
every year...just simply to show how much i love him
and so grateful to God for giving me a very loving husband...

~please excuse jeff,yawning, and me, with my annoying,horrible laugh in the background, sowie po!

tradition & new years's resolution

~ Filipino tradition ~ (love it:) suportanta naman ako ni jeff!

~ Jeff is planning to quit smoking (for the nth time!)
and would like to begin with baby step
don't worry love, i'll support you in every step of the way!u bet!


Dear Lord,

Praise You Jesus, for everything that you have given and
unconditional love You showers to me each day...

Please forgive me and I am sorry for all the things
that i have done each day, that hurt Your feelings,
I don't mean it, but I do have a problem with my emotions
and attitude sometimes, I am truly sorry...

And thank you, thank you so much for everything...
i mean, everything...especially for one whole amazing year
of 2008, if i started typing it now, it might take
me hours and hours to mention everything..
but Lord, You know me so well more than anybody I know...
and i know , we both know, its between You and me...

But there's a few things specifically that I would love to thank
You as i thank You each day, thank you with all my heart
for my amazing hubby that always been there
for me, marriage is not perfect, but You gave us strenght
to live in its imperfections. My amazing, wonderful son,
who taught me that life is full of surprises, and its up to me
to make a difference to accept appreciate it or
neglect it, and he help made a decisioon each day..
to feel happy in every way...with little things that money can't buy
but surrounds me everyday...

For my nanay, who in year in years, never failed
to let me know how much she loves me, my brother who
of course loves me unconditionally, and i mean really,
unconditionally, i miss him so much, and my sister who
i get the chance to spent sometime this year, it was wonderful
to have that chance to get to know her again..and so as my handsome nephew..

And to my mom in law, who always been so generous with everything.
my step-daughter,who i appreciate her kindness more, and her love to oz..

to all my friends, each and everyone of you
have always been a part of my life, and thank You
Lord, for giving me all the best, nothing but the best
people to teach me in every aspect of life...

I can't thank You enough...
please Lord, help me be more compassionate,
and help grow in wisdom and have the courage to learn new things
and help other people...

I am embracing everything in my life,
thank You Lord for a beautiful year of 2009,
I believe you wrap it with many surprises
and I can't wait to unfold them...

Thank You, Thank You..
Thank You with all my soul..
You are simply an amazing, amazing,amazing,
beautiful God..
I love You Lord, though I know You love me more...

with all my soul,


It was also my good friend Leny's birthday!
she is going through to a pretty sort-of-thingie situation
right now, i invited her to come over and just
made a little somethin'-somethin' for her big day!
we had fun (even just 2 of us!) just b/c one of our
good friend is really busy at this point but we'll
meet her on her big day too on the 8th.
But's some of the pix..
(take note: this is actually a preview
of what's gonna happen if you want to spend
your birthday with me & oz~ LOL)

~oh yeah, i know! the cake was not so perfect,
but its always the efforts that counts, right??


Movie day!

kat, friendship! i need your opinion ( and allan too!) 'bout
the movie, "dark knight"...pls?

FRED CLAUS ~ so,....ok..

FRED CLAUS ~ so,....ok..