Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baking Mood?

~~ For some reason i am in the baking mood
these days..ahh!
i don't bake much on summer, well,who'd
yah think LIKE to warm your house on summer right?


when you get more than 10 inches of snow.
you don't drive.
and your house is cold though you try
to turn up the heat..

solution? BAKE and BAKE some more.
I do like when the house warms because there's
something good cooking in the oven,
and the house smells yum too :)

The pound cake as usual is from a fabulous box.
but hey! My Pecan Pie, is totally from scratch..
oh well, at least the filling huh?
Not that i didn't try to make my own dough, trust me!
I tried and somehow lose my patience and mind ha hah.
I am sure not the most person bless with patience,
so I asked a little help from store and that surely not harm anybody,
right ladies?

I am so new in the world of baking,
i also not like any complications and too much ingredients.
i want my life to be a little easy, but be able to enjoy
some freshly bake goodies...

have a yummy day :)

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~~Okay, my mom-in-law gave me a cricut on Christmas
of 2007, i know! i never touch it..
and honestly, i haven't been updating my scrap-book
for who knows when....

but since we are in the process of moving, going through
with stuff and try to get rid some is just a nightmare..


i found my cricut!and while taking a break the other day,
i managed to read the manual and used it :)

it is indeed pretty cool :)

you'll see my very first project, just the lettering though!
but looks pretty nice right?
this is one good project especially on winter,
coz most of the time you just want to stay home
when like here in Wisconsin you're blessed easily
with 10 inches of snow just like that..(no complains amen)

not bad for a first try huh?

i am loving my cricut already :)

**i got the very first version/model of it, smaller and i think
though am not sure, no lower case in the cartridge :(
i still love it though :)

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Friday, December 4, 2009

My Cranberry Orange Bread + tea + MOVIE = TGIF

~~ well, don't let me fool you, that bread is from
the fabulous box of betty crocker ha hah.
it turn out to be good, though I learn some tricks
in baking from Giada (foodnetwork)...
like an orange cake, to make it more flavorful,
instead of using water, substitute it with orange juice,
or even use a little bit of orange zest, it all depends
of course, on what flavor are you using.....

Thank God its Friday, it funny because I don't even work (yet)
but hey! Friday is good...means weekend..already? ha hah.
For some reason I love giving my self a relaxing day
every Friday, I am in movie mode today because
my VIDeoke/ karaoke is not bummer!
i love to sing on Fridays, i don't know..
sort of celebrating that weekend is here I guess...

on friday, I wake up Ozzie normally earlier like,
6:30-7:30, somewhere there, i clean the house
(naks kala mo totoo) I have been doing this routine
for a few months now, and with lots of prayers,
and motivation, (wag sana mausog, may usog ako,
baka mausog ko sarili ko ha hah, baliw!)
I am doing really well....hooray to me LOL!

1pm, that's Ozzie's nap time, and he'll nap
mostly 2-3 hours, which gives me time to enjoy
a nice lunch, watch one movie, have a nice dessert,
or whatever snack, or sometimes just a cup of real
good coffee or tea....
I even put a little make-up and dress-nicely
as if I am in the movie house...ha hah..
am crazy that way...oh well...
I love my self..and that's important :)

and of course, after 3 hours, back to the real world,
back to sweat pants and do your hair whatever is comfy! life.

Winter is officially here......

~~ yesterday is actually not our "first day of snow", it was
the second time, we had about an inch on Thanksgiving day,
but thank God, the day became clearer as we headed to Ohio...

its somewhat a mixed emotion everytime I see a snow,
its funny how you heard a lot of people says,
oh no! so not ready for snow yet...
it looks undeniably pretty outside, but it also
means that road is slippery and for some maybe
a little hard to drive on the road...
well, at least that's what I've heard from some
of my Pinay friends here...
but you know, you gotta do what you gotta do,
and you gotta go wherever you needed to go :)

and in the picture, that's not our car by the way,
that's my mom-in-law's car, jeff didn't get a chance
to take it to her house yet, coz he is so extremely busy..
poor car..ha sure it misses its garage...
where it can be safe and sound and cozy :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

All About Orange (scent)

I love the smell of anything orange, I am not a big fan
of the fruit orange but the smell of it especially the zest
just makes me feel refreshing, i love the freshly squeeze
orange juice though...

here in the picture you can see a Nivea's Touch
of Happiness moisturizing body wash,
in orange blossom scent and bamboo essence ...
for me, its smells crazy good
my sister bought it at walmart and left to me
when she got back to denmark,
i found my self at one time washing my hands
over and over again..ha hah.
one of my fave actress/tv personality Kris Aquino
once said that orange
soap or anything orange can be very therapeutic...
there's something about it that
stimulates the brain waves and relaxes the body
...or at least something like that...

the other one is Burt's Bees Honey and Orange Wax body Lotion,
i don't use it in my body....just because....
but I use it ALWAYS in my super
dry hands and it works really really great...
the smell ? not so much....
but I still like it...

the orange soap, i bought on ebay it has
a very good smell of tangerine,
it doesn't giveme a lot of bubbles
but its smells good...really.

the other one was just okay,
i bought it so cheap just because
i saw the word "citrus splash"
which screams "orangie" to me..ha hah...
crazy purchase, again i use
it every night in my hand or every trip
i made in my bedroom... LOL...yup,
i have a very dry hands because
I don't know how many times i wash dishes every day...
or wash my hands after I touch something...
i am good at washing my hands, or just
simply using a hand sanitizer, and yes,
swine flu will totally sooo hate me and I love that :)

there you go...

btw, my sister just mention to me about
Nivea's Orange Body Lotion
which am dying to find out where i can buy it...
anybody knows?
(as if i am pretending that someone else
reading my me! ha hah)
but if its not available here she has
to send me one..ha hah...
whether she like it or not... my love.

Steak Night! (late post)

I like my steak medium-rare
I like my potato cooked in white wine,olive oil
with a little bit of parsley and parmesan cheese.
I like my asaparagus roast in olive oil or
grilled, but too much dishes already,
so i just had the steamed one..ha hah.

he likes his steak medium rare.
he likes his potato baked. (and top it with sour cream & bacon bits)
and steamed asparagus.