Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i am so sorry...

Just want to say so sorry for my family
and some friends who i bored too much
with my whining and complain about my

honestly, sometimes I don't even know
I already talking about it,
its just comes in my mouth,
everytime I heard "musta na?"...

Thank you for always have an open-
loving-good-listening heart..
It helps me tremendously!

But I also need to learn to stop that,
I don't want to be those people
like ya know....i still feel
that i don't have the worse situation,
yes, its hard.
but ya know, life goes on everyday...

my ate,my kuya and my nanay are my heros
they're my ultimate strenght,
they gave me beautiful advices,
they makes me smile...
I couldn't imagine my life without them
in my life...i would die for sure...
ok, maybe exaggeration...but really,
they mean the world to me in countless
ways and reason..

I love them so much!

Ok, if just in case, you called, anybody called
please feel free to remind me, that its ok
to complain for a few good minutes,
but hey life still good...

oh yeah!

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