Saturday, March 27, 2010

thank you my dear Kat ...for the loving inspiration and for always being there...

~~thank you

Dear Kat,

I have read your e-mail
after my mom in law and I had breakfast,
I initiate a conversation and tried to cheer
her up...didn't work.

i went back to our bedroom and found my self
in front of the computer, when I saw your e-mail
and it says "surprise!"....I caught my self smiling,
like ya know, super big smile :)

and when I was reading it I am honestly in between
smiling, crying and laughing..your letter was so moving and
a part of me was dancing inside, and feel that magical
sense of happiness...I am so inspired and really,
it was a healing moment for me :)

I felt that all of a sudden all my questions
were answered, and that belief that things really do happens
for a reason became so clear..

Thank you with all my heart,
you know me so well and you are always been
a gift to every way...
thanks for lifting my spirit today and always,
I couldn't be more grateful to have found
my way back to you..I love you Kat!


Ellen said...

Hi! Remember me Ellen? :-)

You know, I should have come earlier before this and be the friend for you. But honestly it was just what it was for me -- I got stuck with this thing called life. Sometimes we get to this point when everything comes all together in one big swoosh that knocks us off our feet leaving us so dazed and seeing stars LOLS! But we get back on our feet again, don't we? Always.

That's what you do with your life, brave lady. And how you do it with flair -- courage, honesty, positivity, prayerfully, and good humor. You simply make me smile in appreciation and admiration every time I read your blog. What a beautiful human being you are!

Let's try to be in touch squeezing in whatever we can snatch away from our other daily concerns, shall we? I think we can sneak-in a little line or two every now and then Lols! :-) Aaargh! already I got a long list of To-Do's waiting for me this early in the morning.

Always take care. My best regards to your family. May our good Lord wrap His loving arms around you and say to you -- "I've got you covered."

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

i love you too khel and i am really proud of what you are and what you have become. hang in there. when all of these have been said and done, when all your hardships have come to an end, you will realize that you made the right choices so far.

hi to jeff and oz!