Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quest Crew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ when you check out the video,
please watch closely the beginning,
the guy in the middle, Hok Konishi!
its totally tricky but sooo awesome!
keep your eye on that one! so cool!
worth watching, tell yah :)
love them!

America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 !!!!

I'm a huge fan of this how,
because people who knows me well, knew
how crazy i am about Hip-hop dance!
i just didn't get a chance to join any classes yet
but in the future that's definitely included in my Life-lists :)

SO I am so thrilled when the new season of ABDC started.
One of my favorite is BEAT FREAKS!
A group of fabulous girls, they are totally amazing! (check out the vidz)
geezz...i wanted to be so like them he he he...(in my dreams yah maybe!ha ha!)

But I am also in-love with the Quest-crew from California,
i think some of them are filipinos ...well, am not sure.

Monday, February 2, 2009

still feel sad...

~ we missed the Super Bowl party yesterday because
the car won't start....i have been waiting for this day
to catch up with my other pinay friends and then just
didn't happened...sad.sad.sad.
disappointed. "shit happens" as jeff called it.
oh well, i'd like to think "things happens for a reason",
but for me who haven't been anywhere because jeff is too
busy working (even on weekends) and sometimes its hard
to be with my mom-in-law because she really does not have
the energy than she used to.
and my only friend who visits and drive down here..
i always have a hard time explaining to jeff that she's nice
and quit judging her and we always lead to arguments.
so exhausting.

i still feel sad in a way.
too lazy to do things.
i cried last night.this morning.this afternoon.
made me feel better in a way.
i had a long conversation with God too :)

we just can't have it our way all the time.
"this too shall pass"....right?

and by the way, i am sad not because of super bowl party,
or didn't get the chance to see all my friends.
i am sad. because i am sad.
and i let my self be.
just for today. tomorrow is another beautiful day.

Today's Message Received: "Don't give away your Power"

1. I don't have to have it my way
for me to have a good day :)

2. No one can take away my joy from me.

3. No circumstances can take away my peace.

4. Life is too short to live upset and disappointed.

5. My time is too valuable to argue with somebody.

6. Some people will not going to make peace with you,
you have to let it go and move on.
(this is after you said you're sorry and ask for forgiveness
and ask how can you make things better)
Its not worth thinking, its a waste of energy.
(though i know,it's not always easy!)

7. You can tell a lot about a person when they are upset
and facing circumstances.

8. Believe and trust God that He is helping us fighting
our everyday battle (whatever it is) but for the meantime
He will give us chance to enjoy our lives.

9. As we develop our character. God have more reason
to release His blessings to us. (so be good!)

the story of my Lahdidah Bootie ....:D

~ ok here's the story of my lovely shoes (nine west),well, for me
this is my taste, some people thought it was "ok"
but let me tell yah this, this shoes is unbelievably, insanely COMFY!
AS IN! I literally wore it for hours and hours
just around the house, the day i got it from the mail
yup, i bought it on-line (of course!)
it was orginally $100 something-something dollars but
i got it for 29-something, couldn't be prouder of my self
for being so cheap (just b/c i really don't have the money to spend)
anywayz, it really paid of though i waited 6 months for this deal :)
i am so happy and thought I'll share my happiness... :)

AND....don't 4-get your popcorn and pop on Movie day!

~ jeff likes to make the popcorn "the old fashion way"
and men oh men, sooo much better than the microwavable one.
for me, i just don't have the patience to do it,
too messy and too much pans and stuff to wash..bwahaha.

Movie Day!

~ i was not able to post for the last 2 weeks about
my movie day, but I have watched really quite a few!

1. THE BREAK-UP - the only thing i like about this movie
is Jennifer Aniston's OUTFITS,that's all!
the first time i watched it, i thought it was a pretty
stressful movie (lol)
after the 2nd, and 3rd, it became so ok.
2. THE ROCK - if you're looking for action adventure
this is the movie for you!totally!
Loved it :)
3. BURN AFTER READING - only for me its totally sucks!!!!

4. THE STEDFORDS WIVES - its a very strange movie but i think it was
pretty good (lol)


~ i was not able to post for the last 2 weeks about
my movie day, but I have watched really quite a few!

just thought it was a nice shot of icycles ....