Monday, March 15, 2010

Surviving the 1st week....

Yeeeeeepppp! One week indeed.
And hey am still here breathing...
I can't believe how brave I am..haaaa!

Well, I would've make it without all the loving
support that I am luckily getting from my friends & families,
both sides, I like the fact that my sister-in-law
has zero expectation and has huge faith on me
that I'm gonna do just fine :)

as funny as it sounds, i like when she says
"hang in there"...for me its a support really
through words...

And oh-my-friends like Flor and Nel,
helps me big time, thanks guys!

And to my friend Kat who I know
I haven't heard for a while but always
and always giving me so much great advices
while I am reading her messages I always wanna cry :)

And to Joy,who always shows her love,
by calling and making sure I am doing well..

And my nanay who always helps and prays for me
that it was given to me because Lord knows
that I have the heart to do it...
and gives me advices what to do
in times that I feel of giving up,
frustrations and any kind of mix emotions...

For my ate esme, who understands
what my situation right now...She is always
my strenght, she gives me all the loving
support and she always thinks about me,
what is good for me and my family..
she loves me and she makes sure
she let me feel that and I always
do..i love you ate!

For my Kuya who always prays for me
and always be there for me...
though we don't talk very often
I know whenever I will need him
he will listen to me and shows his
love through his words..

To my fellow bloggers Ate Ellen and Robyn,
you both are awesome and gave me so much
beautiful advices, your blog helps
me in a lot of ways...
You both are always be a blessing
to my life...

Ate Ellen, I know i haven't been
sending you any messages but I will
never ever forget you, and thanks for your
time sending me those beautiful messages that
really touches my heart until now
I have saved and print them and it really
lifts my spirit...I still keep
visiting your blog I just didn't get a chance
to comment yet, I am still looking forward for
your book and will always be a fan of yours :)

And miel, sorry haven't been e-mailing you,
but we had so much fun exchanging all that funny are really a great friend and
your sense of humor is sooo awesome,
you always makes me smile...

And with Jeff,
i guess he is trying hard but..
he is definitely helping his mom
in a lot of ways, but at this very crucial
time in our lives, whether i like it or not
yes, i think we have to hold each other's hand
most of the time.

Today I just mad at him for so many reasons,
i'll leave that in my journal, too ugly
to put it in here. Very inappropriate.

Besides, this is all about me..surviving :)

Yesterday actually was awesome. Maybe because,
I had a chance to go out finally after a week...

Thank God...for my good friend and neighbor like
Nel & Allan, ahh, don't you love great people
who really do care...its so nice..
almost makes me cry :)
Its just I feel so grateful, I am simply
overwhelmed ..

Then my nice step-daughter came to watch
Ozzie and her grammie so Jeff and I made
a quick trip to the store to get what I need.

-word-find puzzle for mom
- a gratitude journal (btw. so pretty:)
- print pictures for flor
- that's it i guess.

Yup. I feel extremely thirsty feeling that
fresh air from outside..
Felt sooo good.
I wish I can do that more :)

well, maybe I start jogging or something.
ah, we'll see about that.

So I think I am getting tremendously better,
when it comes to planning a day or something,
made a few lists for mom to choose
to do in everyday...

I think I made some really easy fun ones
I haven't shown her yet but its all about the
timing, i don't want to pressure her of doing
something she doesn't feel like doing...

so we'll see about that...

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Ellen said...

Hi Khel,

Oh wow, this is a long list indeed but a perfectly wonderful gratitude list. You know, if everyone on this planet spent most hours of the day thanking God, thanking people, thanking life -- for all things experienced and enjoyed... Imagine the positive vibes everyone would be transmitting out into the Universe. And this same vibes is reflected back at us by a very pleased Universe. What happens next? Well, all that positivity gets into everything and creates its clones in many wonderful ways imaginable and unimaginable.

You are doing it right! And your positive attitude can create the miracle that you want to see everyday in your life. No matter how bad times hurt you, it can't be that much because a positive outlook equips you with a new and better understanding and appreciation of its existence. Meaning that everything happens for a reason by God's design, and that could also mean that there are new lessons yet to be learned.

I can sense it all in your writing. It's all there -- the hurt, pain, inconvenience, sadness, frustration, disappointment, fear, insecurity -- and yet in the midst of it all.. there you stand -- 10ft tall, brave, and strong and hopeful. I love it when you keep it real. Lols! No false facades, pretenses, barriers that most people put up to hide the imperfections of their imperfect lives. You, my dear Khel, keep it real.

That is the secret of life -- being true to yourself.

Reading through your blog reminds me of my own foibles, perils, and challenges in life. And too the wonderful joys, thrills, and lovely moments. So you see, we are all basically the same regardless of color, race, or creed. In that sense, we all stand connected. Isn't that such a comforting thought? :-)

Carry on, brave Khel. Live your life the way you know how. Keep praying too. And always put your trust in God - He knows what He's doing. One thing is for sure and I guarantee it -- He works for our own good, no less yet even much much more. That's the kind of God we have -- magnificent!

Love and prayers to you and your family.