Friday, March 12, 2010

head ache.

i really don't experience headache that much
but these past 3 days, its unreal!
maybe, I don't get enough sleep,
i needed a 7-9 hours sleep to feel that
i am fueled enough to have a really good day,
have enough patience to go through everyday
and strenght of course to stay strong to whatever
that comes my way...(rhyming??)


I have been really good about taking my Vitamins
coz I feel my soul and body is screaming to take it :)

I have talked to my hubby about taking a stresstabs
but deep inside i'm too scared to take any kind
of supplement like that because of the possible
side effects, that may not happen in my age right now
but something that may not be good in the future.

A friend of mine have reminded me about that too
so I have decided, no stresstabs for me.

My sister suggested ginseng, so I may do some research about that.

But for now I am going to stay with my Vitamin B complex
which says that helps for normal functioning of the nervous far, so good.

I really really feel of napping right now,but I can't.
having a toddler who is into everything I feel even
sometimes blinking is prohibited :)
And mom needs me.

I can do this. I will. Right?

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