Monday, January 19, 2009


~ i dunno, what's with our pinoy dish
it always take us time to cook
everything, but men oh men..
isn't it soooo worthy in the end...
well, by the time you chopped the garlic,
onions etc...
anywayz...this is just really simple,
just the pritong talong (eggplant)
dip in a soy sauce with lemon &
gazzilion chillies

i tried to make that tokwa't baboy
minus the tokwa, coz I couldn't find
it in our local grocery store.
well,the rice in the picture (and the ulam)
is only My first batch..ehem..ehem...
not to mention, the know what next!

sorry for the presentation,
not so pretty just b/c am so freakin'
starving by the time i'm done cooking LOL
so the hell with the plates and everything..
gusto ko na lang lumafang, but of course
picture picture muna...LOL

1 comment:

DJ2006 said...

sarap naman ng pagkain mo i like tokwa din at yang talong hmmmm yummy penge....sarap kainin yan pagkasama mo ako. lol... bat yan saw-sawan mo naman spicy....