Saturday, January 10, 2009

i did my best to....

~ ok here's the thing, I am not good with assembling stuff..
and hate it. I don't understand why can't you just buy the
whole thing already assembled. at least in Pinas you can actually
get things already made, like the cabinet and stuff, just
load it in your car (taxi,jeepney,tricycle) and that's it.
anyway, thats way different from this one, i am just talkin'
about a desk organizer, LOL i know! sound stupid
and probably for a lot of smart people, it was a piece of cake
and oh well, ok, not that difficult than i thought, but still
took me almost an hour to made this.
but for some reason, I was happy that i finally did it.
yeah without beggin' or whining about this to jeff.
small biggie.yes.not all.yes.:)
but i'm proudie!bahaha..(excuse the tiny piece of hair huh?)lol

~ i was almost half way done when I took this pic..(boring..)

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Anonymous said...

things like these are right up my alley. nakikipag unahan pa ako kay allan pag may mga DIY kme dito he he. blame it on my 2 brothers and not having any sisters at all. ayan. ha ha. nice organizer ha!