Thursday, January 1, 2009


Dear Lord,

Praise You Jesus, for everything that you have given and
unconditional love You showers to me each day...

Please forgive me and I am sorry for all the things
that i have done each day, that hurt Your feelings,
I don't mean it, but I do have a problem with my emotions
and attitude sometimes, I am truly sorry...

And thank you, thank you so much for everything...
i mean, everything...especially for one whole amazing year
of 2008, if i started typing it now, it might take
me hours and hours to mention everything..
but Lord, You know me so well more than anybody I know...
and i know , we both know, its between You and me...

But there's a few things specifically that I would love to thank
You as i thank You each day, thank you with all my heart
for my amazing hubby that always been there
for me, marriage is not perfect, but You gave us strenght
to live in its imperfections. My amazing, wonderful son,
who taught me that life is full of surprises, and its up to me
to make a difference to accept appreciate it or
neglect it, and he help made a decisioon each day..
to feel happy in every way...with little things that money can't buy
but surrounds me everyday...

For my nanay, who in year in years, never failed
to let me know how much she loves me, my brother who
of course loves me unconditionally, and i mean really,
unconditionally, i miss him so much, and my sister who
i get the chance to spent sometime this year, it was wonderful
to have that chance to get to know her again..and so as my handsome nephew..

And to my mom in law, who always been so generous with everything.
my step-daughter,who i appreciate her kindness more, and her love to oz..

to all my friends, each and everyone of you
have always been a part of my life, and thank You
Lord, for giving me all the best, nothing but the best
people to teach me in every aspect of life...

I can't thank You enough...
please Lord, help me be more compassionate,
and help grow in wisdom and have the courage to learn new things
and help other people...

I am embracing everything in my life,
thank You Lord for a beautiful year of 2009,
I believe you wrap it with many surprises
and I can't wait to unfold them...

Thank You, Thank You..
Thank You with all my soul..
You are simply an amazing, amazing,amazing,
beautiful God..
I love You Lord, though I know You love me more...

with all my soul,

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DJ2006 said...

ka-touch itong letter mo kay lord...