Monday, January 19, 2009

~another lazy day!~

~meaning another lean cuisine.
this time, i tried the-
Sesame stir fry with chicken.
and its not like there's only
a couple of chicken there..
there's really a 9 0r 10 bite size chicken!
i forgot to count (lol)
it was good ;)
Flor, you should give it a try.
you'll like it :)


DJ2006 said...

oo nga love lean cuisine too... last time i bought one donna what kind.... but when i was about to cook it... stefanie eat well i think she like it too...

Gratitude said...

haha, uy! at least you two have something in common now! Lean Cuisine, oh well, maybe she'll talk more when she wanted more Lean cuisine..he he he