Friday, January 2, 2009

I am crazy about "Lipstick Jungle"...

~ i am totally insane about this show,
i actually just discovered it in their
2nd season, oh well, thats what the DVD for ryt?
but sadly, i think next friday will be the
super finale, i mean, it had a pretty low
rating, so they were just finishing the season,
episode or whatever, i am so sad but...
at least, i can get the DVD and still watch
it whenever i want...


Anonymous said...

maganda ba? i started watching the firs episode pero ang tagal ng download di ko na tinuloy.

i used to be ga-ga over ugly betty but i don't have time to watch tv na nor to watch dvd's.

dati super adik ako.

Gratitude said...

its kind-of, sex and the city,
which i love sooo much!pero 3
lang sila, i love everything
about them, the fashion, really
my kind-of-show!~its on friday night @ 8pm here, perfect timing
dahil bed time ni Oz..
i am totally a tv junkie,
i tried to finish everything
during the day-dahil glued na butt
ko sa couch sa gabu, lalo na ngayon january
lots and lots of new season,buti nga meron na silang full episode
sa internet, so pag na-miss ko not-d-end-of-world db?wala naman ako tivo eh!i also love the hills,love mo rin yun diba?
may bago nga eh, "the city" (si whitney naman!)...
can't wait new season na ng American idol....i also watch gossip girl,desperate housewives,
grey's anatomy, lahat yan night shows just soo perfect!!