Friday, January 9, 2009

January 08, 2009, Ninang Divina's Birthday~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE DIVINE!~

a special thanks to my hubby, I actually never
bake pineapple upside down cake before coz I thought
it was complicated to make, he taught me, and was not
hard at all. Thanks love, your the best!~ (back to party!)

~it turned out to be a really-fun day!
we did a lot of "catching-up" as we haven't
seen each other for a while, we have been really
busy with our own lives...
There was leny (the last pic) busy lighting all the candles.(some-some #'s)
and of course, we did the fun part, the singing part,bahahaha...
leny did good in singin' and heard her say (hey guys sing!)bahahaa..
oz is all up about the cake, and me busy capturing the moments
of course...yummy cake!


DJ2006 said...

happy together na ulit kayong tatlo... well im so happy for you guys...

DJ2006 said...

pakibigay naman recipe ng upsidedown apple cake ba yon it's look like yummy e wanna try it.

Anonymous said...