Sunday, April 4, 2010

surviving the 4th week...(yay!) one month na uy!

olala...holy cow, was that really 4 weeks,
that means we are actually talkin' about month

okay...this was an Easter week, we really had
a great, busy week, let me see..
we did a lot of stuff/activities, this is
what great about being home and having someone
let you understand how easter could be really exciting!

we colored eggs, baked a Lamb Easter Cake,
went to Annual Easter Egg hunt to my ever love
place Twin Lakes Wisconsin, just to see our
"old place" bring tons of memories and smiles in my heart...

we also flew a kite in one of the nearby park,
we have gotten a few days of gorgeous weather
and totally took avantage of it :)
I have taken a lot of pictures and so happy with everything!

And on easter eve, made some baskets for Ozzie, raquel and my friend Nel,
happens its also their (Nel & Al)1st Year Wedding cool!

And jeff took me to places whenever he sense
I just needed to go out, I don't even have to tell
it to him, before I used to feel bad leaving mom
all alone, but making sure she'll be fine,
I don't feel bad anymore, because she's actually fine,
she just rest for a few hours (1-2) until we get back..

YEs, life becomes so much easier,
I don't take a lot of things so seriously nowadays,
it also motivates me to get the house clean because
there some days we have unexpected visitors,
and I know I am pretty much in charge with everything
around the house, and it makes me feel good seeing at least
the house looks ok...

Today, Easter Sunday, so fabulous, hubby and I went to church.
Just me and him.
What a super charming morning that was.
Saying our prayers together.
Laughing together.
Made a trip to store without arguing.
Feels great.
God is so good.

What happen was, mom decided not to go to church,
its too early this and that..the first mass is 7am,
ozzie doesn't get up until 8:30-9am so we figured
we can actually leave Ozzie then we'll
be home before he even get up...

And everything just perfect.
They were both still sleeping when we got back,
enough time for me to cook breakfast and enjoy my breakfast
which is white rice and pritong tilapia (sawsaw sa toyo na may lemon)
nakakamay of course!

but...we still encourage byenan to go to church
or at least go to adoration chapel..
saturday mass will might work as well,
we will keep trying until she said yes,
and we'll see how she feels about it..

So there you go.
God is sooo great!
things that I know would have not happen
without His blessings and guidance everyday...

His love for me and my family is so amazing..

Thank You Lord...

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