Sunday, April 11, 2010

i miss ..... (part 2)

21. food network.

22. rachael ray & ellen show.

23. kumain nakakamay ANYTIME I want...

24. afternoon naps.

25. a quiet, fun, loving moments with my son every morning
and afternoon, simply enjoying every single moment
without worrying about anything (that i gotta do this & that)

25. once in a while, right after i woke up in the morning,
destination: computer with a fresh,hot cup of great coffee

25. having our VERY OWN PLACE
(where I can put any pictures I want on the wall,and do
what i want with anything and everything,oh well mostly,
i forgot how my hubby wants to CONTROL EVERYTHING
as if he owns everything!!!!)

26. having a nice bubble bath ( i hate how the bath tub looks here,
and the bathroom looks so dark, no windows, I tried it one time
i feel i was suffocated, darn!

27. My SUper Loving,fabulous,generous sister

28. My Loving Nanay

29. My Super kind brother

30. being ME

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