Sunday, April 11, 2010

I miss...

~thanks, :)

1. being just me, my husband Jeff and my son Ozzie..

2. doing whatever, whenever.

3. going somewhere on special occassions or birthdays.
(we suppose to go to Wisconsin Dells for weekend
to celebrate hubby's bday, but we didn't..
too complicated..)

4. videoke.(whenever I feel like it)

5. being lazy :)

6. twin lakes.

7. sentry (that's where i buy a really good ribs for my sinigang!and yes
with fats)

8. having a forever and ever conversation with my nanay. (2 hours at least)

9. having a forever and ever conversation with my Ate Esme (3 hours)

10 talking to flor and LMAO.

11.having company and enjoy the margarita or any alcohol.

12.having company just because..

13.having company and let all the kids go wild!~
(and we can yell, scream all we want, all the mommies I mean)

14.having intimate moments with hubby (i know! sucks.)
( at the end of the day he knows I am exhausted,
i am probably worse than having a 9-5 job because mine
is seriously round the clock, yes, I am dead serious!)

15. my hip-hop abs and bender ball (now, that's a choice)
(that means i have to get up at 5:30..hmmmm)

16. FB

17. sending a super dooper long e-mails to someone I care about.

18. watching 3 movies in a row (or at least 2)

19. sleeping -in

20. go for a ride wherever (when hubby is going somewhere)

to be continued...need to prepare dinner :)

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