Thursday, April 8, 2010

a day off please..


OMG. okay, i tried to be positive everyday..
but optimism is a serious matter ya know..
it needs some sort of dedication...and for human
like us...there's no way our days will always
be perfect...okay, let's talk about at least
"good"...of course its possible! why not?

oh well, what if.. if you are challenged by the situation?
what you do with that?
especially, if you don't have much option.
ah! I am tired of crying ha hah.

I didn't realize it could be exhausting too haa!
oki, enough with drama mode.

I badly needed a day off!

That was actually somewhat a joke (or maybe she's serious)
a friend told me one time, is it your day off inday?
ha ha..i just answered her...ah I wish!

but I thought and hmmm...why not coconut?

Okay, I mean..I am talking a one whole day off here,
I don't think it could happen, I know I can leave
the house for a few hours, and that also mean I have
to take Ozzie with...but would have been nice
to go somewhere just me, a friend/friends with the free-spirited me..

Just have that laugh back, that I used to have,
laugh until you can't laugh no more!
or until your stomach hurts!

Of course I can make it bigger and more fabulous,
and that includes spa, massages, super delicious
gourmet food....movies and SHOPPING!
but we'll get to that (when??)let me see...

Okay, let's take baby step then..


oh! mother's day coming up right? (dream big!)

(and some day with Ozzie)
(and some day with hubby)
(but "just me & a friend/friends is so important!)

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