Sunday, April 11, 2010

Surviving the 5th week!

~ thanks,

i know, I haven't been using my original pic
here in lovinglife, oh well, its easier
just to search and copy it here, and just
acknowledge some "thanks-to" where i got it from...

ah, that was a scream by the way!
I friggin' dunno...this week, what did just happen?
I don't even remember...

someone is being EXTREMELY LAZY this week.
how can you tell someone in a loving way "you ready for a shower?"
for the 100th times?
and just simply ignored you..yes, a 100 times or more as well..

and some how, you can't take it anymore..
and what the hell do you need to beg her that for?
who stink anyway...I mean...

I actually took my Nanay's advice, sponge bathe that is.
ah..but seriously?? that was way 100 times different
from an actual bath...agree?

So I don't even wanna count the days, it frustrates me
so badly...I might just ended up packing my bag (and Ozzie's bag)
and just go, that would be a dream (big!)

Ok..that's just one out of a hundred things.
I am not exaggerating, if I start writing a list
it'll easily go for at least 101..

the thing is, she is not the only person that I need
to take care of, I have a toddler who just a blink of an eye
who knows what's his into..I have this HIGE house to clean, dishes
to wash (i don't use the dishwasher don't ask me why)
laundry,fold & ironing clothes, before she came here, I feed whatever is easy
to Ozzie, now a healthy breakfast is well-planned,even our dinner seems
to be plan, and take note, I AM THE ONLY ONE who eat the left-over,
even you tried to re-invent a new meal out of the left over...
miracle if someone will take a bite of it..
paying her bills, we only been here for like 4 months,
our stuff are still...a mess!
I really don't have time for my self.
I know "if there's a will, there's a way"..
like yes, of course I can still talk to my sister and brother through skype.
then I have to be up at 4am, which I wouldn't mind because
I so love them both to death!

If I will not get up at 6:30, definitely no shower that day.

my son get up at 7 or 8 am, she'll get up around 8 as well..
I spent my at least an hour of my day, for our morning routine.
plus the time washing all the pans (that I use to make the breakfast)
trust me there's always a pan or pot involve..
oh well, she eat cereal once a week, and that was my gift to my
easy-breezy morning :)

minus the fact that the stairs, stairs, stairs.
I really don't need a FORCE EXERCISE at this point of my life...

what a life!

one of the comfort that I probably get this week
was a conversation with my sister-in-law,
no wonder they've been begging us to get her back here
because she/they couldn't take her anymore...

she said she remember herself going to work crying
coz of frustration to "her", not helping herself,
of course if she's not helping her self, who will then?
she thinks its only tough on her, she didn't realized its
beyond TOUGHER to people around her...

and the fact the my sister in law works at the doctor's
office, she met people who were really really sick,
dealing with physical & emotional pain and more,
only has 2 months to live, but no one can stop
them from smiling and embracing that hope..

and she comes home, there's her mom, physically healthy
but emotionally drained. helpless.hopeless.
because she herself, killed her own spirit..

what do you do with that?

Jeff and I sat down and talk to her.
she needed help.
she said yes.
Thank God..

and that will be in my "surviving the 6th week"..

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