Friday, December 4, 2009

My Cranberry Orange Bread + tea + MOVIE = TGIF

~~ well, don't let me fool you, that bread is from
the fabulous box of betty crocker ha hah.
it turn out to be good, though I learn some tricks
in baking from Giada (foodnetwork)...
like an orange cake, to make it more flavorful,
instead of using water, substitute it with orange juice,
or even use a little bit of orange zest, it all depends
of course, on what flavor are you using.....

Thank God its Friday, it funny because I don't even work (yet)
but hey! Friday is good...means weekend..already? ha hah.
For some reason I love giving my self a relaxing day
every Friday, I am in movie mode today because
my VIDeoke/ karaoke is not bummer!
i love to sing on Fridays, i don't know..
sort of celebrating that weekend is here I guess...

on friday, I wake up Ozzie normally earlier like,
6:30-7:30, somewhere there, i clean the house
(naks kala mo totoo) I have been doing this routine
for a few months now, and with lots of prayers,
and motivation, (wag sana mausog, may usog ako,
baka mausog ko sarili ko ha hah, baliw!)
I am doing really well....hooray to me LOL!

1pm, that's Ozzie's nap time, and he'll nap
mostly 2-3 hours, which gives me time to enjoy
a nice lunch, watch one movie, have a nice dessert,
or whatever snack, or sometimes just a cup of real
good coffee or tea....
I even put a little make-up and dress-nicely
as if I am in the movie house...ha hah..
am crazy that way...oh well...
I love my self..and that's important :)

and of course, after 3 hours, back to the real world,
back to sweat pants and do your hair whatever is comfy! life.

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