Thursday, December 10, 2009


~~Okay, my mom-in-law gave me a cricut on Christmas
of 2007, i know! i never touch it..
and honestly, i haven't been updating my scrap-book
for who knows when....

but since we are in the process of moving, going through
with stuff and try to get rid some is just a nightmare..


i found my cricut!and while taking a break the other day,
i managed to read the manual and used it :)

it is indeed pretty cool :)

you'll see my very first project, just the lettering though!
but looks pretty nice right?
this is one good project especially on winter,
coz most of the time you just want to stay home
when like here in Wisconsin you're blessed easily
with 10 inches of snow just like that..(no complains amen)

not bad for a first try huh?

i am loving my cricut already :)

**i got the very first version/model of it, smaller and i think
though am not sure, no lower case in the cartridge :(
i still love it though :)

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