Thursday, December 3, 2009

All About Orange (scent)

I love the smell of anything orange, I am not a big fan
of the fruit orange but the smell of it especially the zest
just makes me feel refreshing, i love the freshly squeeze
orange juice though...

here in the picture you can see a Nivea's Touch
of Happiness moisturizing body wash,
in orange blossom scent and bamboo essence ...
for me, its smells crazy good
my sister bought it at walmart and left to me
when she got back to denmark,
i found my self at one time washing my hands
over and over again..ha hah.
one of my fave actress/tv personality Kris Aquino
once said that orange
soap or anything orange can be very therapeutic...
there's something about it that
stimulates the brain waves and relaxes the body
...or at least something like that...

the other one is Burt's Bees Honey and Orange Wax body Lotion,
i don't use it in my body....just because....
but I use it ALWAYS in my super
dry hands and it works really really great...
the smell ? not so much....
but I still like it...

the orange soap, i bought on ebay it has
a very good smell of tangerine,
it doesn't giveme a lot of bubbles
but its smells good...really.

the other one was just okay,
i bought it so cheap just because
i saw the word "citrus splash"
which screams "orangie" to me..ha hah...
crazy purchase, again i use
it every night in my hand or every trip
i made in my bedroom... LOL...yup,
i have a very dry hands because
I don't know how many times i wash dishes every day...
or wash my hands after I touch something...
i am good at washing my hands, or just
simply using a hand sanitizer, and yes,
swine flu will totally sooo hate me and I love that :)

there you go...

btw, my sister just mention to me about
Nivea's Orange Body Lotion
which am dying to find out where i can buy it...
anybody knows?
(as if i am pretending that someone else
reading my me! ha hah)
but if its not available here she has
to send me one..ha hah...
whether she like it or not... my love.

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