Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baking Mood?

~~ For some reason i am in the baking mood
these days..ahh!
i don't bake much on summer, well,who'd
yah think LIKE to warm your house on summer right?


when you get more than 10 inches of snow.
you don't drive.
and your house is cold though you try
to turn up the heat..

solution? BAKE and BAKE some more.
I do like when the house warms because there's
something good cooking in the oven,
and the house smells yum too :)

The pound cake as usual is from a fabulous box.
but hey! My Pecan Pie, is totally from scratch..
oh well, at least the filling huh?
Not that i didn't try to make my own dough, trust me!
I tried and somehow lose my patience and mind ha hah.
I am sure not the most person bless with patience,
so I asked a little help from store and that surely not harm anybody,
right ladies?

I am so new in the world of baking,
i also not like any complications and too much ingredients.
i want my life to be a little easy, but be able to enjoy
some freshly bake goodies...

have a yummy day :)

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