Monday, February 2, 2009

the story of my Lahdidah Bootie ....:D

~ ok here's the story of my lovely shoes (nine west),well, for me
this is my taste, some people thought it was "ok"
but let me tell yah this, this shoes is unbelievably, insanely COMFY!
AS IN! I literally wore it for hours and hours
just around the house, the day i got it from the mail
yup, i bought it on-line (of course!)
it was orginally $100 something-something dollars but
i got it for 29-something, couldn't be prouder of my self
for being so cheap (just b/c i really don't have the money to spend)
anywayz, it really paid of though i waited 6 months for this deal :)
i am so happy and thought I'll share my happiness... :)


DJ2006 said...

uy! nice shoes like style ha... me, my weakness are purses & wallet. I've changed my lifestyle now I wanted to buy a brand name stuff instead of you know.... remember that i told you that i bought undies at victoria secret OMG i love wearing them..

Anonymous said...

omg i love your shoes. send me one in size 9 ha ha ha inggit na inggit ako! alam mo naman i go gaga over shoes. maryosep. i want a pair for real!!!