Monday, February 2, 2009

still feel sad...

~ we missed the Super Bowl party yesterday because
the car won't start....i have been waiting for this day
to catch up with my other pinay friends and then just
didn't happened...sad.sad.sad.
disappointed. "shit happens" as jeff called it.
oh well, i'd like to think "things happens for a reason",
but for me who haven't been anywhere because jeff is too
busy working (even on weekends) and sometimes its hard
to be with my mom-in-law because she really does not have
the energy than she used to.
and my only friend who visits and drive down here..
i always have a hard time explaining to jeff that she's nice
and quit judging her and we always lead to arguments.
so exhausting.

i still feel sad in a way.
too lazy to do things.
i cried last night.this morning.this afternoon.
made me feel better in a way.
i had a long conversation with God too :)

we just can't have it our way all the time.
"this too shall pass"....right?

and by the way, i am sad not because of super bowl party,
or didn't get the chance to see all my friends.
i am sad. because i am sad.
and i let my self be.
just for today. tomorrow is another beautiful day.


DJ2006 said...

don't be sad my friend... not only you did not come to the party as a matter of fact kami lang nila Marie at Freda nandoon so parang wasn't so happy as before you know so maybe that's one of the reason derek nga walang kalaro... talk to you soon.

DJ2006 said...

si sophia is the daughter of one of Myrna's friend...she is so adorable and a little tiny 10 months old pero malaki pa si Nathan..... wag ka na masyado mag emo..emo.. kasi you didn't miss any special at superbowl party.. wala si Jona, Nelma at si Marilyn.

DJ2006 said...

Freda's kids Abe and Jaydee ba yon malalaki na rin at mga blond hair ha... so kano talaga sila. si sarah and cindy malalaki na rin baka next when we see them again dalaga na sila...tayo na lang hindi na laki e.... hehe

DJ2006 said...

bagay sa akin? yeah that's my new eye glass ito ang uso daw ngayon e.

Anonymous said...

moments like that really come. even when you already have all the wonderful things you could possible wish for. don't worry. it will pass.

and whatever problems you have will only make life better when they are solved. remember that for every dark cloud, there is always a silver lining.

smile, it makes the world better.