Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thank You Kat....or Kate...V.

To My dearest friend Kat,

Thanks so much for introducing me the Postsecret,
I have heard and known all about it but never
check it, until i found it in your website
and finally click it!
Now, it has been a part of my sunday morning as I started
my day, made my coffee and face my computer and excitedly
open it first...before anything else...
so many touching stories..that moved me..
this week this is my top 3 faves!

1. "If a Customer's credit card is declined,
this time of year,
I act like everything's fine.
I pretend nothing amiss,
let them leave with a free tree
And wish them Happy chirstmas..."

~~ so nice!!bless your heart,
that's the power of love.~

2. " I've never been kissed.
And I'm afraid that I will have gas
when it happens..."

3. " The bus driver gave all the kids on my bus
christmas card to fill it and give it to someone
they didn't know on the bus. This whole year
I've been looking for a miracle. And think
she is it...despite what everyone says about us,
she believes we are special. And in the end,
thats all I really want for christmas.Thank You.

~~ i think that was brilliant~~

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