Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am grateful for:

1. Ozzie is so good boy today,
good nap. sweet and loving.

2. my strapless/backless bra arrived
coz I needed it for tomorrow's
dinner party @ Jeff's work!

3. So pretty outside.White and very soothing
in the eyes.

4. more gifts to wrap with love.

5. enjoying my very first White Christmas tree
(that i've been wanting since I got here,
after 3 years I finally got it :)

6. my hubby called me at lunch time.

7. first day... (period)

8. good lunch (chicken curry + rice)

1 comment:

kai said...

so funny how we have so many things in common yet we are so different! i have one f those srapless silicone bra thingies from online too ha ha. one tip, make sure you steer clear of cotton and other linty stuff coz they stick and it will almost be impossible to take them off. i should know my neice stuck a piece of cotton ball on mine, argh.