Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Christmas Party @ my Hubby's work :)

It was just fabulous!
This was actually our 3rd Christmas Party
and Jeff's 3rd Year in the company.
Every year, they did this Casino thingie,
like fake coins and stuff and you'll exchange it
for coupon to win a prize.
This year was different, they decided to have
a dance floor, hired a DJ and really have fun!
And this is the first time that I enjoyed it,
and spent the whole night with my loving hubby.
See with the casino, men enjoys it,
so all the wives just did this chika-about-anything
kind of drama, coz the husbands were too busy playin'
Pokers and blackjacks...(fakers!)

Jeff and I dance too, like 90% of the time
there was only 3 hours of "partying" (dancing)
that was after the dinner...
and we totally had a blast and show some mooooooves!! ha ha..

My hubby is so sweet, eventhough he keeps askin' and tellin' me..
"i don't know this song" or "how do you suppose to dance it" ha ha ha
(like "kiss thr girl" and "low")
it was soo much fun!!! and everytime I asked him to dance,
no second thought whatsoever, just to make me happy,
coz seriously, I think the last time i was on the dance floor
was ..hmm...let's see....our last vacay in PInas...oh..
I don't know...too long to remember...maybe vegas when we got married...

and after we dance, there's this guy who worked with him
jokin'...oh men, "you got some move there" huh,
"i am totally makin' a "mastercard- priceless" commercial for you...
"and I'm so posting it to youtube! "

if you haven't seen a mastercard commercial, you gotta check it out!

he just mention this and we're totally laughing our ass off:
this is how it goes:

jeff's suit - $ 300
jeff's shoes - $100
and something else.
and something else.
and something else (don't remember!)

jeff said he doesn't know how long this "makin' fun of him"
will last...but who cares!...he made me happy that night..
and that what matters to him...aawwww...

I fall in love again to my husband, feels like the first time.....

Love You Love.Always.

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kai said...

i can just imagine jeff dancin to the grooves! man i wish i were there!

ano ba yung name ng livejournal mo? let me know and i will try to figure it out.