Friday, August 21, 2009

on wanting something (but at this moment can't have it yet)

~ jeff and i went to some garage sale on weekends whenever we get a chance,though its funny that we are not looking for any particular thing, anything that caught our eye or we see something interesting and if it is a good deal we take it. So far we haven't got anything except for the fact knowing that most of these houses are for sale. And there's like a sad stories behind it...well, not all of them but some are...the last place that we went at was in a very quiet, nice neighborhood, very private. The man is very friendly and he talked to Jeff for a while which i didn't mind because they have this big yard and there was a couple of horses, and my son Ozzie was just so happy to see the horses...
I took a few pictures of the back yard, the horses and the drive picture of the house ...and i like it because I like the privacy...the quietness, yet there are neighbors and houses are pretty close to each other, not some like your living in the middle of way.

i want to own a really nice home. not so big. just big enough for kids with minimal, basic things that needed for everyday life.

but for now i will keep dreaming about it, hoping and praying that if I stay good enough (maybe) all my wishes will be granted, that is if it meant to be...

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