Saturday, October 31, 2009

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If you somehow had the chance, would you do your life over? Thirtysomething Mike O’Donnell would. Then one mysteriously magical moment, Mike gets his chance. He’s suddenly back at Hayden High where he’s the star of the basketball team, a total hottie, and a classmate to his own teenage kids…which gives Mike a chance to go from not-so-good dad to really cool friend.

~ what can I say? well of course, the fact that Zach here was
ridiculously hot, it is a good movie. I like it a lot :)
.... it ended good...good moral i guess....


In this wildly funny hit comedy, Paul Rudd gets engaged to the girl of his dreams but has not a single guy friend to be his Best Man until he meets the ultimate dude, Jason Segal. Rudd and Segal’s “bro-mance” takes male-bonding to hilarious new heights that keep you laughing until the unforgettable last frame.

~ I kinda like this movie, i have seen this a while ago
and honestly could not remember if i like it or not bwa hah.
i was trying to recall movies that I watched just because..
there was for sure some funny scenes (like the farting scene when they
were in an open-house) i thought that was hilarious!
plus i like Paul Rudd...i think he's pretty awesome :)
i like him as well in his movie "Role Model"..

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