Thursday, June 25, 2009

when i miss home...

i do like sardines... a lot!
and for some reason everytime i open a can
of sardines, and that's normally happens
if i am too lazy to cook or not in the mood
to cook anything...or just simply want to have
that "taste of home"...

this particular LIGO brand is my fave, although
i also like some other fancy one in a jar
like said from Cebu, oh! so yummy!

but this one reminds me of childhood...
my mother. ( lagi ko request ang miswa)
our life back then.
our home.
rainy days in pinas...
or kung may bagyo pa nga.
my friends. (who loves to partner it with payless noodles, then coffee,
kahit pa 100 degrees ang weather. lol)


i love it.

when my sister came to visit us, and btw. she's a fabulous chef, cook
i always see her having this tomato,onions (vidalia),jalapeno like
a side dish or what not, in her meal ...well, it depends on what she eats or
what we ate that day...and when i had it with sardines, it actually
pretty awesome, i like it!

now, i have to make sure i have these trios, before i open a can,
coz i feel, it isn't the same or not-so-complete if one is missing :)

and yes. i love the red can. the filipino version of i guess spicy.
mildly spicy. but not-spicy for all.
but ...i just like it.


sweetlove said...

namimiss ko na rin ang sardinas e. yumm...yummm

Gratitude said...

naku flor, sinabi mo.My all time fave talaga. kanina lang nag miswa ako, its just so easy when lazy days come..i'll make sure i have stock of it...kasi nga it always comes in hand. bakit nga pala di naga-update ng blog mo?

Gratitude said...

nag send ako ng message sa FB, check mo na lang. wala lang...