Sunday, March 8, 2009

5 Facts about me:


Ok, here’s the warning : I am not or not considering my self
as an interesting or intelligent (definitely not!)person,
but I do love my life so much.
And I am a very grateful person.
I thought about doing this thingie about “facts about me”,
Just because, I just want to do it.

It might be sound so pathetic, but you know,
I have fun reading my diaries and anything about my own life.

Because I simply appreciate ME. That’s all.

So I will start with 5 Facts about me:

1 I am super bad in grammar, spelling and words (obviously).
Please forgive me.
If there’s one thing that I appreciate so much is that,
If someone help me correct my grammar, I always ask my mom-in-law
about it. I NEVER felt offended, because I know I need help :(

2. In Motherhood: I really take time to learn the lyrics of the songs that
My baby loves to listen to, so I can sing it to him before he goes to bed.
(though am not a good singer at all, well, that’s what good about babies,
They always think you sing like one of those American idol finalist LOL)

3. I bake when am too happy.

4. I bake when I’m a little sad like when I miss my brother
And I don’t have the phone card to call him, or if I know
Its 2am in Pinas and I can’t bug him 

5. When someone left a comments in my blog,
I write their names in my diary, with note:
“Thank You God for this person…. and so on..(about his/her comment)
I am always a believer that “we met people for a reason”.
And luckily, I met really good, amazing people. (through internet or in person)
You guys know who you are. For sure.
Thank you guys…
And thank You God.


Anonymous said...

khel napanood mo na yung maalala ala mo kaya na "transistion" grabe nakakaiyak.

Gratitude said...

omg, title pa lang parang naiyak na ko, ayoko ng heavy drama, kse apektado ako nyan for months.

but i wanted to see it though.
yung mga ganyang pelikula eh gusto ko may kasama kong pinay na manonood, may karamay ba, kundi eh.

basta...di kaya ng power ko eh.
sabay ganun..tutut hah.

san ko ba pwede mapanood yan?

Anonymous said...

ok bigay ko sayo ang link nung first part ha, 7 parts yan.

yan uploader na yan nag uupload ng mga mmk. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

hello Khel oooi meron na xa new entries hehehehe! I thank u rin for being a new friend!

Gratitude said...

oo nga, ako rin grateful na nameet kta here sa mundo ng internet, pati kay kat khap khun kah ja!

sa wakas na na-motivate na rin ang sarili, at inaamag na last entry ko eh heheh... uy, salamat sa pagbisita,
touchy talaga ang heart ko....